Hasmeena Kathuria, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine



Medical School: Loyola Stritch School of Medicine
Internship: Indiana University
Residency: Indiana University
Chief Residency: Indiana University
Fellowship: Boston University
Board Certifications: Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine

Special Interests:



Dr. Kathuria is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine. She attends in the Thoracic Oncology Center and specializes in the management and work-up of thoracic tumors. She sees pulmonary patients at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center .

Dr. Kathuria’s research focuses on developing a gene-expression signature, applied to histologically tumor-free lymph nodes obtained at surgical resection for curative intent in early stage NSCLC, that can guide subsequent treatment decisions to optimize patient outcomes. In addition she is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating caveolin-1 and other target genes by ETS transcription factors in lung tumor progression.

She is a member of three research groups at the Pulmonary Center , the Epithelial Group, the Pulmonomics Group and the Lung Cancer Group.


Selected Publications:

  1. Kathuria H, Spira A, Brody J. (2007) “Genomics of Lung Cancer” in Handbook of Genomic Medicine. Elsevier Press, in press
  2. Kathuria, H., Cao, Y. X., Ramirez, M. I., and Williams, M. C. (2007) ERM regulates caveolin-1 transcription in mouse lung epithelial, but not endothelial cell lines. In press Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
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Information retrieved from: http://www.bumc.bu.edu/pulmonary/people/hasmeenakathuria/