Teresa Wang

To apply and stimulate the development of post-genomic technologies and computational tools for translational research into human disease and to work with physicians and scientists to apply these findings in a clinical setting




Boston University Boston, MA
Ph.D. Bioinformatics (in progress) 2010 - present
- Advisor: Avrum Spira, MD, MS
- Relevant courses: Biological Databases Analysis, Molecular Biology, Computational Biology, Physical Chemistry
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
B.S.E. Biomedical Engineering 2006 - 2010
- Graduated Magna Cum Laude
- Relevant courses: Physiology, Quantitative Cell Biology, Fluid Mechanics, Biomedical Instrumentation and Design




Current Projects

1) Belinsky miRNA-seq: analysis of tumor/adj normal in current, former, and never smokers across multiple subtypes of NSCLC

2) Women's Environmental Smoke Exposure - Benzoapyrene and its transcriptomic effects in the mouth

3) Passive Smoking Biomarker Development

4) Second-Hand Smoke Exposure - transcriptomic analysis of airway and nose in pediatrics and adults 


Past Projects

1) Differential expression analysis of miRNA-seq in sarcoidosis

2) mRNA Biomarker for lung cancer using Allegro Dx samples (with Josh Campbell)


Research and Work Experience

Pfzer, Inc Cambridge, MA
Computational R&D Feb. 2011 (Jun. 2011)
-Supervisors: Simon Xi, PhD; Ranjit Randhawa, PhD; Enoch Huang, PhD
-Implemented algorithm for prioritizing gene sets from somatic mutation data using
 protein-protein interaction networks
-Applied algorithm to existing sequencing data from COSMIC, TCGA databases.
Regulus Therapeutics, Inc. Carlsbad, CA
Computational R&D Jun. 2009 (Aug. 2009)
-Supervisors: Peter Ernst, PhD; Aaron Chang, PhD
-Screened for cardiac-speci c microRNAs as potential therapeutic targets
-Conducted data mining analysis of miRNA and putative mRNA targets using in-house and
 GEO microarray data
UM Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology Ann Arbor, MI
Undergraduate Research Fellow Feb. 2008 { Sept. 2008
-Supervisors: John Kao, MD
-Investigated Therapeutic Role of Butyrate in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
-Employed primary cell culture, ELISA, RT-PCR, and flow cytometry techniques for analysis of in vitro and in vivo data


Awards, Grants and Honors

2012 TEDMED Front-line Scholarship Award

2011 GSI Symposium Oral Distinction Award  
NSF IGERT Fellowship (2010 - 2012)
UM College of Engineering Marian Sarah Parker Prize  (2009)
UM Cooley Writing Contest, Essay Division and Nonfiction Division (2008)
UM Sidney J and Irene Shipman Scholarship (2006-2010)
UM Engineering Class of 1948 Scholarship (2006-2010)
Michigan Competitive Scholarship (2006-2010)
UM Regents Merit Scholarship (2006-2007)


Teaching Experience

Intro to Biofluid Mechanics (BiomedE 331) University of Michigan
Instructional Aide Fall 2009
-Conducted weekly offce hours to address fuid mechanics concepts, homework problems, exam preparation for 80 students



B. Berndt, T. Wang, S. Owyang, M. Zhang, J. Kao. Butyrate enhances LPS-stimulated conventional dendritic cell Th17 induction. Gastroenterology Vol 136(5) Suppl.1: 1097. (May 2009).



Wang TW, Malyzsko B, Florido R, Liu G, Xiao J, Alekseyev Y, Steiling K, Lenburg ME, Hu W, Rothmann N, Lan Q, Spira A. Transcriptomic changes in the oral mucosal epithelium reflect the host response to indoor coal smoke exposure. 12th International Workshop on Systems Biology. Boston, MA. (July 2012)


Lin Y, Wang TW, Zhang X, Sebastiani P Beane J, O’Connor G, Brooks D, Liu G, Lenburg ME, Spira A. Upper airway gene expression as a biomarker of active and secondhand smoke exposure. ATS 2012. Poster Discussion Session – B28 Emerging Biomarkers of Complex Lung Diseases (May 2012).


Appleton E, Kar A, Wang TW, Vasilev, V, Yen J, Connor J. Comparative gene expression analysis in non-human primates infected with anthrax, poxviruses, and filoviruses. Genome Science Instiutte Symposium. Boston, MA. (October 2011)


Wang TW, Chang A, Chau NB, Linsley P. Identification of mir-214 as Potential Therapeutic Target in Heart Disease. Isis Pharmaceuticals Summer Intern Research Symposium Isis, Carlsbad, CA (August 2009).


Wang TW, Berndt B, Min Z, Kao JY. Immunoregulatory effect of butyrate on myeloid dendritic cells. 54th Student Biomedical Research Forum (Poster) UM, Ann Arbor, MI (November 2008).


Academic and Service Contributions

West End House Science Club Mentor Boston, MA
(K-12) Mentor March 2011-Present
-Organization: Graduate Women in Science and Engineering
-Facilitate creative and technical thinking through hands-on, explorative science lessons
-Lessons range from building simple circuits, to creating compasses and rain detectors